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February 01, 2012

Type 8681 Process Control Head

Optimized for the automation of pneumatic hygienic process valves

The Burkert Type 8681 control head has been optimized for the automation of pneumatic hygienic process valves. It is universally adaptable and can be combined with all commercially available valve types which utilize a rising stem upper actuator configuration. As the control head is durable, very easy to clean, features IP 65/67 protection, positive pressure electronic housing and is made from chemical resistant materials, it is ideal for use in severe wash down applications.

The Type 8681 performs all pneumatic actuation, feedback and diagnostic functions, as well as bus communication. Depending on the process valve, as many as three pneumatically actuated seat movements can be controlled independently. The feedback system provides precise information about seat location and movement improving upon the safety these processes require. Other features include:


·         Pneumatic module for 0…3 pilot valves, 200 l/min (variable +/-) and integrated check valve

·         Position feedback function via analog sensor for monitoring strokes up to 85 mm; 3 positions configurable via teach-in function; plus connection for external proximity switch

·         Three-color visual status display (green/yellow/red) with high-power LEDs

·         Electrical supply via AS-i bus, DeviceNET or 12…28 VDC

·         Electrical connection via terminals or M12 plug connectors

·         Pneumatic connection G1/4”, G1/8” connections

·         Protection type IP65 and IP67 combined with IP69K

·         Approved for Class 1 Zone 2 by ATEX  II 3 G/D

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